Monday, November 15, 2004

20030423 icy snow on the tree

Aprils snows

20030423 - April snow showers

Even with it being cloudy, the intense sun melts the cleared snow on the driveway

snow on the roofs

Snow and ice on the rooflines


20030319 - Snow - deep drifts to our front door

Snow on the mountain, clouds below

Dog digging in the snow

20030203 snow on the mountain

Snow on the neighborhood and mountain and view of the sky

Snow on the houses and mountain

snow - upstairs again

20030203 - Snow day - view from our house upstairs

20021225 - White Christmas in NJ - snowing

20021225 - White Christmas in NJ

20021107 - Snow on the mountain

20021023 - first snow - micro snowman

20021023 First snow