Thursday, August 12, 2004

2004-08-09 Wild layers of different colored clouds

2004-08-09 Layers of colorful clouds

Whispy clouds just above the houses, moving very fast southwest, while the cloud above move east

Sun looking through the clouds to the west

2004-08-10 Fluffy above, Dark in the middle, and wispy, moving fast in the other direction below

2004-08-10 Looking West, The clouds just seemed to go up and up

2004-08-10 Many layers of clouds - Strangly fluffy above, ominously dark in the middle

2004-08-10 The sun sliding behind some clouds, before setting behind the mountains

2004-08-10 Tall clouds over the mountain

2004-08-10 Looking East, The clouds lit by the sun setting behind

2004-08-10 Sun Setting, just a little sun on a cloud peaking out on the left, pink just on the back edge at the top