Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Distant - Hiking trail that goes off East along power lines, Jet contrail also, Colorado Springs, CO

Distant - View of a highway cloverleaf and surrounding area from a plane

Distant - World Trade Center Towers, from Newark airport, 1-1/2 weeks before 9/11

Distant - A hot air ballon in the distance - every so slowly getting closer to my house, eventually dropping behind the houses, less than a mile away

Distant - 2004 Danskin Denver Women's Triathlon - Runners course goes a long way off across the lake

Distant - 2004 Danskin Denver Women's Triathlon - Miles and miles of cars trying to get to the event

Distant - Sandia Peak cable car, looking back down to the terminal, Alb., NM

Distant - Glen Eyre Castle from a trail high above

Distant - Skiing the contenental divide

Distant, Falcon flying with Cheyenne Mountain in the background, from the Scar, Colorado Springs

Distant - Power lines receeding, Denver Tech Center

Distant - View along railroad tracks, as the train trails off into the distance

Distant - Pikes Peak in distance, railroad tracks in Castle Rock, Colorado

Distant - Hiking up the trail to the top of Pikes Peak

Distant - View from Pikes Peak

Distant - Snow capped Pikes Peak

Distant - Field of watermellons, mountains way off

Distant - train approaching