Monday, July 19, 2004

2004-07-18 6:07am - The road from the highway to the park, still sitting in traffic

2004-07-18 6:13am - There is the entry road to the park - the cars seem to go on forever, and the line is moving soooo slowly

2004-07-18 6:53am - The looong walk from the parking lot to the race

2004-07-18 7:41am - Swim start area - Not yet starting, getting a late start to the race

2004-07-18 7:55 - The National Anthem

2004-07-18 7:59am - The first wave going out - View through the spectators on the beach

2004-07-18 8:01am - Swim start - looking busy

2004-07-18 8:32am - Swim start - each wave had their own cap color, rotating colors around about every 5 waves - Some atheletes getting used to the water ahead of time in the foreground

2004-07-18 9:13am - Swimmers going out in the midground, Swimmers comming back past the last inflated bouy in the background, the service dock in the foregound

2004-07-18 9:26am - Swim start area - cheering the swimmers - an athelete who's start was later, her arm number showing, cheers on others (Artistic, IMHO)

2004-07-18 9:39am - The swim start line, too many on the dock, swamped again, but they don't seem to mind

2004-07-18 10:15am - The run start area - Hats off the the runner with the wheels

2004-07-18 10:40am - Runners on the route across the lake